Pulverized Coal Burner


The coal burner is one of the important components of asphalt mixing plant. Our coal burner with advantages of complete combustion, high heat utilization rate, high efficiency and energy saving etc., MFR series Coal Burner is warmly welcomed by the customers.

Main part of MFR series coal burner

Coal pulverizer: Grinding granular coal into coal powder of 150-200 mesh.

Main machine of coal burner (including combustion chamber, moving forward and backward system, automatic rotation system and combustion air supply system).

Control system: The system control, temperature detection and control.
Ignition system: It can realize automatic ignition.

Fire opening: Connected to the drying drum discharging device, it protect the discharging device not burn out.

Coal pulverizer

Variety of models and specifications of coal pulverizer to choose,such as FMJ40, FMJ80, FMJ120 etc.

The broken hammer is made by NM500 high wear-resisting material.

The coal screw is controlled by frequency converter for coal supply.

The first-class accessories (motor, reducer, bearing etc). Users can specify a brand.

The shell manufactured by super thick high strength steel plate, which avoid the body vibration effectively.

Main machine of coal burner

Our combustion chamber with larger diameter and longer length, the length of the pulverized coal preheating zone is increased, which make pulverized coal burning more fully and combusted more efficient.

Combustion chamber adopts rotating design, which effectively solves the problem of slagging.

Reasonable design ensures that the ignition device and air supply device with longer service life.

Ignition system

The traditional coal burner used manual ignition which is unsafe. After many years of technical research and development and trial, our company successfully developed full-automatic diesel ignition device. The device includes the following parts:

Electric firing gun: Using electronic automatic ignition, safe in operation and easy to use.

Electric drive pusher: It’s for control the firing gun’s automatic extend-retract. After completion of the ignition, firing gun can be out of the combustion chamber automatically by the electric putter.

Characteristics of MFR series Coal Burner

1.Our MFR Coal Burner adopts independent combustion chamber rotating to solve traditional problems such as slagging or burning incompletely.

2.The burner flame temperature is high, which can burn fully and save energy.

3.MFR series coal burner with high performance refractory brick, prolonging the service life.

4.Continuous production, no need slag removal everyday.

5.With low fuel costs and cost-effective.

Model MFR500 MFR1000 MFR1500 MFR2000 MFR3000 MFR4000
Motor power (KW) 31.25 48.25 73.75 97.25 144.5 205.95
Rated coal burning amount(t/h) 0.45 1 1.5 2 2.86 3.66
Mixer output (t/h) 25-40 60-85 100-125 140-170 200-250 280-320
Material temperature control 130℃-180℃
Coal powder granularity(mesh) 180~200

Specific requirements for coal quality

Item Parameter Remark
Feeding size ≤25mm Compared to the previous request of ≤5mm, it’s great improved and applicable.
Net calorific value ≥4500Kcal Many low combustion value of inferior coal has been fully used.
Volatile ≥25%  
Sulphur content ≤2% Rotary combustion chamber solves the slag problem.
Inherent moisture ≤10% Powerful Pulverized coal blower